Breed information

Frenchies pups is a pet-loved kennel of fine quality Frenchies breeding for sale to loving families who either require pet-quality or show-quality dogs. Our puppies are raised with tender, love and care.  They are offered with best of care, foods, and surroundings.  With variety of dogs and bitches, assortment of coat colors and eyes which made Frenchies the unique kind of dogs are offered at our place. 

 Is a Frenchies puppy a good fit for you? Frienchies need plenty of daily exercise because they are high energy dogs! They have a strong desired to run and play. If you can’t give them the attention, they need daily, then a Frenchies is not the right dog for you. Taking care of our Frenchies is a full-time job. They don’t stay in a pen all day. Our Frenchies socialize with our other dogs and spend the hot summer days swimming in the pool. They are part of us. They are loyal with a great temperament towards   people. If we are out in the yard having a family function, they are out there in the middle of it all.    

Frenchies love kids and they are always ready to play. All our puppies come with a health guarantee. AKC registered with their shots, de-wormed and we even microchip them as well which we highly recommend. Puppies are first come first serve and we don’t breed for eye color.  Don’t pick out a puppy based on eye color. Pick your puppy based on personality and how it could fit in with your family. Not a problem as we have customers from South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida etc. We serve to all states in the USA and Canada to help people get a quality AKC registered husky puppy from frenchies pups.   


The frenchies is a medium-sized, compact, working dog breed with double-layered coated, sickle tail, triangular ears, and remarkable marking.  They comes in all colors from black to pure white, the variety of markings on the head including many striking patterns is common that can’t be found in other breeds. A puppy at heart, they are clever, gentle, playful, sociable, good with children and friendly with strangers. They like to roam but will make a wonderful companion for people who are aware of what to expect from these beautiful, intelligent and unique dogs. Though, they are the world’s most strikingly beautiful dog breeds but they are highly independent that should never be let off leash. 

Quality not quantity is assured at our kennel. Our puppies are healthy, extraordinary and the same look as shown on webpage are ones offered to clients. We are specialize in breeding and raising frenchies and do not raise other dog breeds. Please we apologize that due to limited breeding season we can’t fill all requests.

It is our desire that everyone who wants a pet should have one, Contact Us Today for your dream French Bulldog puppy.